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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Evelyn Benson's 90th Birthday Party

On Thursday, when it becomes '09, Evelyn Benson will hit the big 9-0. I interviewed this skydiving, waitressing great-grandmother for
this story earlier this year, so she invited me to her birthday party today at the Refectory in outer Northeast Portland (which is oddly where I first saw this GNR tribute that I wrote about in 2006).

I stood out a little as the youngest person there by a about 30 years. But I had a good time and got to visit with a couple of sources from this story I wrote last year about the neighborhood where Evelyn lives. Apparently the area has gotten a little better over the last year.

Before we had lunch there were a few speeches about Evelyn and one of them mentioned that she likes to come to the Refectory and flirt with guys and then take them out to see her car. I thought it was a joke, but by the time I left I gathered it wasn't--apparently she removes some magnets that say how old she is before brings the boys out!