Friday, February 24, 2012


The NBA All-Star game is this weekend, but it's been kind of an All-Star month for the celebrity English lessons I produce for English, baby!

So far this season, I've enlisted the help of Dwight Howard, Steve Nash and Grant Hill in teaching a bit of basketball slang to students around the world. This, along with the pandemic of "Linsanity" that is sweeping the globe and has people everywhere talking about NBA fans in Asia, enabled me to get the attention of Reuters, whose story has now been picked up by the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, NBC, and translated into Chinese.

In addition to D12, I also met KPTV sports anchor Dan Sheldon at the Orlando Magic media session. He produced this segment for his show, "Oregon Sports Final." I've been hoping someone would come along and put together a highlight reel of these interviews, and Dan did it just perfectly.

A reporter from the state-run Taiwanese media shot a story about these lessons today. Hopefully, the momentum just keeps building. Oh, and if you see Jeremy Lin, tell him I really appreciate him waiting to have his breakout winning streak until just after I shot the best two NBA English lessons yet, and I want to talk to him about some basketball slang.

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