Monday, September 19, 2011


Did you know there's a Golf Channel? I've recently been watching it. My dad used to watch golf when I was growing up (he still does, I'm just not usually around to see it). I never took much of an interest. But when I discovered how many international players there are on the LPGA tour, I went out to the Safeway Classic in the Portland area to do interviews for English, baby! and had a great time. Now I find myself rooting for these gals as I watch them on TV!

Yani Tseng is from Taiwan and ranked #1 in the world. The 22-year-old showed off her English skills teaching the terms "par" and "birdie".

Korean star IK Kim was practicing on the putting green when I found her and chatted about the phrase "hole in one".

Beatriz Recari was actually checking out some sunglasses from a vendor on the fairway (Spaniards love them some shades), but was happy to share her favorite golf term, "stinger" and talk about her mission to learn exotic languages.

After talking to Beatriz, she headed off to lunch. Food came up in the interview with Yani as well, so we put together this bonus clip about food.

I actually ran into John Canzano out at the event and he alludes to me in his coverage of the event for The Oregonian. It was the Pro-Am day, which I think is pretty cool. I loved how the best in the world were mingling with our local hot shots. I recommend getting out to an LPGA event if you get a chance!

Monday, September 12, 2011

MFNW 2011 Reviews: Archers of Loaf, Butthole Surfers, Kylesa, Off!, Dirty Mittens, Youth, Wild Ones

This weekend Musicfest Northwest took over Portland and my life and it was a beautiful thing. I reviewed seven bands for The Oregonian in three posts:

Dirty Mittens
Archers of Loaf, Butthole Surfers, Kylesa
Wild Ones, Youth, Off!

Best discovery of the festival? Wild Ones. I had heard some good things about this local indie rock band and they blew me away. Their singer has a fantastic voice and the whole band brings the passion in a way I really like to see. Biggest let down? Butthole Surfers. I know they're experimental and all that, but I'm just not sure they were really checked in for this gig.

Past coverage of MFNW on simmantics:

Image: Butthole Surfers, courtesy MFNW.