Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pagan Holiday Gifts

I contributed to the Holiday Gift Guide in Friday's Oregonian. It occurs to me that some of the gifts I recommended aren't terribly festive. But everyone needs something for the bah-humbugger in their life.

First of all, I'm pretty stoked I got the phrase "Satanic map of Oregon" in the gift guide. Though the analysis of Witch Mountain's new album that "Amy Winehouse didn't die; Uta Plotkin ate her soul" was shaved off. Ah well. Couple that with The Walking Dead DVD I also recommend and you have a pretty brutal night on your hands!

There wound up not being a food or wine section in the guide, hence the absence of this bit on Montinore Estate's Frolic:

Almost too rich for summer, this Gew├╝rztraminer dessert wine out of Forest Grove is the sunrise after any dark winter meal. It melts over the tongue singing of honey and fruit. Warning: this nectar may cause you to strip naked and join deer in any nearby snowy meadows.

This brings me to the final two, less overtly Pagan, gift ideas. Both the debut record by Radiation City and the wildly fun cookbook by CakeSpy are more fun and joy than any monotheistic god would like you to have. Enough said.

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