Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ever Since He Was Young Boy, He Played The Silver Ball

From now on, when ever I hear "Pinball Wizard," I'll picture the "silver ball" being the ball at the end of the microphone. I recently previewed Roger Daltrey's performance of Tommy for The Oregonian, and focused on the return of his epic mic swinging, which took a break of a few years because of vision problems. The swinging was really over the top at the Rose Garden on Monday night, prompting a friend of mine to suggest, "He must have read your article."

Having never seen Daltrey live, the mic moves fully exceeded my expectations. He uses his butt to reverse the momentum and really gets that thing flying. He must have a special mic cable to withstand all that. Here's a bootleg video of "Pinball Wizard" from the show that I found:

The most surprising part of the performance was a Johnny Cash medley. Daltrey explained that his throat surgeon recommended he play a low song near the end of the set to get the blood back in his vocal chords. His American accent sounds like Roy Orbison, and sure enough, when he finished the more than 2 hour set, his voice sounded just as solid as when he started.

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