Sunday, July 24, 2011

Steve Berlin Q&A

Did you know a member of Los Lobos lives in Portland? I didn't until Chelsea Morrisey of Dirty Mittens mentioned it. Conveniently, Los Lobos was planning to play at the Oregon Zoo just a few weeks after that conversation--perfect timing to do an interview with saxophonist and keyboardist Steve Berlin for The Oregonian.

Steve was extremely friendly and happy to do an interview even though he was in an airport when I reached him. I first heard Los Lobos at a friend's cabin in Pagosa, Colorado, when I was 16. Kiko became the soundtrack of much mischief, and the opening notes of the album bring that time back for me instantly.

Somehow, I've gone all this time without seeing Los Lobos live. I had better text an elephant friend of mine at the zoo to save me a good seat!

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