Saturday, June 25, 2011

True Blood Interview

When it starts stayng warm out after dark, I know it's almost time for True Blood. My favorite thing about the show is how much you can sense the heat. Everyone is sweaty and scantily clad. It's a great contrast with the all pale vampire action.

Last season, a new character named Crystal Norris was introduced. She is a werepanther and the latest love interest of Jason Stackhouse. Crystal is played by Lindsay Pulsipher who was recently in Portland promoting an intense, experimental horror movie she is in called The Oregonian (no relation to the newspaper).

I flagged her down at the screening and she was very happy to be the latest celebrity English teacher for English, baby! Take a look at her lesson on "cat got your tongue."

It's kind of amazing she was able to be so upbeat for this interview. Just a few minutes before, we had been watching her film, which is full of awesome, horrifying noises. Here's the trailer:

The film is written and directed by Calvin Reeder. I didn't put it together until later, but he is also responsible for Jerkbeast, a film and album (and I believe TV show, although I never saw it) that I absolutely loved 5 years ago. The trailer features nearly as much blood as The Oregonian, but it's hilarious. I fully recommend tracking this movie and soundtrack down.

Finally, since True Blood premieres tomorrow (I am psyched if you couldn't tell), here is one of my favorite scenes with Crystal from last season. It's amazing how cute she is in real life when she's not portraying a tortured hillbilly!

I wish we could have included this clip in the English lesson since it explains so well what the deal with her shapeshifting is. I think the inbreeding part at the end would have been a little too intense for some of our students though. This transformation scene would have been good too. But, alas, too sexy.

It's All Right Now

Every now and then, it can be really rewarding to take on album reviews of genres I don't really know much about. That's how I learned about Latin guitarist Alfredo Muro, who I listen to frequently a couple of years after writing about him. My most recent exploration is Portland funk saxophonist Patrick Lamb, whose new album, It's All Right Now, I reviewed for The Oregonian last week.

The first time I put on the record, I was cleaning. Suddenly, I found myself bouncing around and smiling. I was glad I could connect with the fun vibe of the album so easily--going to Lewis & Clark College had pretty much worn me out on funk, so I thought.

I gave the album an A- because I think it definitely accomplishes what it sets out to and there aren't really any duds on it. I don't feel like it's terribly original, however--that's the only thing it could have done to earn a solid A. I gather Lamb really shines live, so I will have to catch him one of these days. In the mean time, here's a video from one of his concerts.