Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rise Against the Dissent of Man

Greg Hetson
I saw Bad Religion three times in 2002. They've hardly aged in the last 9 years. Seeing them open for Rise Against this week at the Rose Garden was a relaxed and enjoyable experience as detailed in this review for The Oregonian. It also helps that I like their new album, Dissent of Man.

Rise Against was pretty much new to me for this assignment. I liked how well their attitude fits the pop-punk genre. So many pop-punk bands are into making fart jokes on stage and pretty much being bros, that they've all but killed it for me. Then there's Anti-Flag who is way too on the nose. Rise Against has a subdued quality that I've enjoyed in bands like Dillinger 4.

Here are some more photos I took. The above is Bad Religion's Greg Hetson. I definitely had to stop myself a couple of times from singing along with Bad Religion while shooting these. Gotta maintain some professionalism. Although after interviewing Greg Graffin last time he was in town, I was surprisingly not star struck standing just below the band as they played. At least this time I didn't get kicked in the head by crowd surfers like I did when I fought to the front of the Roseland Theater as a teenager. But I digress.

Greg Graffin
Greg Graffin
Jay and Brooks
Jay Bentley and Brooks Wackerman

Tim McIlroth
Tim McIlroth
Tim McIlroth of Rise Against

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