Tuesday, November 2, 2010



It was a tenuous claim to fame, but we needed it. Portland needed an historical rock venue. But alas, Satyricon, where everyone liked to point out the jukebox next to which Kurt met Courtney, is no more.

I recorded its second to last show for posterity in the Oregonian. The lineup featured punk bands from the club's early '90s heyday. It was a good show. It was also a little bit like being at someone else's high school reunion.

In 2006, I covered the re-opening of the club for WW, so that's what it was to me. It won't be reopened this time--it's being torn down. I played there a few times, and while the room was kind of an awkward space divided by pillars, you got the sense that those black walls just absorbed all the music played in them over the years and, being on stage, it made you feel warm.

Image: The last month of the Satyricon calendar.

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