Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mellowing Out with Melo

When I discovered that Carmelo Anthony was making a movie in China last summer, I set out to try to get him to do an English lesson for English, baby!

With all the trade rumors surrounding him this season, I was surprised how chill he and the whole Nuggets squad was when I attended their practice. It was the most relaxed NBA practice I'd ever been to. Someone farted and everyone made fun of it. Chris "Birdman" Anderson ran off holding his nose.

Luckily, Melo was on the other side of the court and totally cool with chatting with me for a minute while he put his shoes on.

After we sent them this video, a couple of the Nuggets PR people made the Ebaby! chime sound-logo their ringtone. I think they have a lot of fun in Denver.

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