Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bleach Is Back

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Freelance writers don't pick their headlines. Sometimes an editor picks something really goofy and it's kind of a bummer. But I like the ring of the title that ended up in the print edition of The Oregonian for my profile of the reunited Clorox Girls got.

The trio played in Portland for the first time in a few years over Halloween weekend, and in classic fashion, something and someone got broken. The disco ball at Slabtown went down and split in half (They are hollow and made of styrofoam. Who knew?). Someone's head whacked a monitor and he left bleeding. He came back soon and rocked out though. It was punk. Just like the time the Clorox Girls played three CD release shows in three venues and finished by breaking a small fence and some lights at Slabtown. Some things never change.

Keep an eye out for the Clorox Girls' next record! I've heard a couple of tracks and they pepped me right up.

Image by Mateus Mondini.

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