Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Into Darkness 2010

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This weekend, Portland's best metal festival, Fall Into Darkness, has taken over Berbati's Pan and I wrote a preview of it for the Oregonian. Unlike festivals where every band sounds and looks the same, Fall Into Darkness features diverse and creative bands with common heavy and dark elements. Last night, Fauna gave a performance that was half ritual, half concert, spreading leaves through the venue and passing out candles to the audience during acoustic interludes between black metal songs.

Influential Olympia queercore duo, the Need, also wowed the crowd last night with a really high energy set. I had never seen them before, and their music was heavier live than it is recorded, and just as sinuous. Drummer Rachel Carns pounds out some pretty awesome beats from a standing position, which gives hopes to would-be drummers like me who just can't seem to coordinate the feet.

Tonight, Fell Voices, a black metal band generating a lot of buzz in the deep underground plays around 10pm. Like many bands on the festival this year, Fell Voices features both female and queer members. I briefly spoke to drummer Michael Rekevics by phone. He offered this quote, which was cut from the piece for space: “I love plenty of meathead metal, but what I find so compelling about black metal is the trance.” When you take the macho out of metal, some interesting things happen.

Full festival lineup listed here.

Photo: Rekevics by brandi666

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