Friday, August 27, 2010

Tough Tuesday

I have an article in today's Oregonian about one of my favorite Portland bands, Pure Country Gold who is releasing their second album tomorrow at Club 21. Somewhere a few years ago, though I can't find it now, I remember them saying something about how, even if there isn't one, they imagine a good looking gal in the front row of their shows and play the kind of show that would make her dance. That attitude is why I love them. Clearly, I'm not the only one--the quote in the story from the Club 21 bartender? Yeah, she took time out of her vacation in New Orleans to call me. That's love!

This is the second time I've covered PCG (they also played a show in my living room once, which ruled). I did a long interview with both band members in 2007 when they made the top ten Best New Bands countdown in Willamette Week. One thing that didn't come up then or now was juke boxes. Apparently, PCG is on a lot of them around town. Good to know!

Image: Tough Tuesday album cover by Chanda Helzer depicting Club 21 regulars.

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