Thursday, August 12, 2010

Don't Fear The Bieber

I recently volunteered for the assignment of reviewing a Justin Beiber show. I kind of look for opportunities like these to write about music I don't know that much about, but that doesn't require that much knowledge to write about. It's fun to just take something like this on and be as objective as possible.

And of course, I thought it would be fun to bring someone to a Justin Bieber concert. Then we found out that they weren't giving any press passes. Kind of smart, really, since other reporters would see this as an opportunity to be snarky, not objective. In any case, The Oregonian had to buy me a ticket. One ticket.

When I got to my seat, there were some teenage girls in it. I tried to explain they were in my seat, and one of them said, "How many are you?" I held up one finger. They didn't move.

Feeling awkward as hell, I sat in the nearest empty seat. Then someone bumped me from there. Then I got bumped again. Finally I had to stand up for myself. I busted out my ticket to give the teens in my seat the boot. Ultimately, they convinced me to trade for a slightly further seat. The whole experience really pushed my limit of awkwardness--the lone male hipster in sea of kids and their moms.

The concert was pretty good actually. I had fun. I was glad I brought ear plugs, not for the music but for the loud screaming. After talking to a friend of mine who went to see Britney Spears for a lark onetime, I think everyone should go see a pop concert like this at some point just for the experience.

Props to Ryan White for the best Bieber-pun title, which I stole for this post.

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