Thursday, July 8, 2010

Taking It Outside with Austin Lucas


Last night, Austin Lucas put on an incredible show at the White Eagle, and I reviewed it for the Oregonian. He'll be doing it again tonight, and I highly suggest going if you can! I can't guarantee he'll lead the crowd outside again to finish the show. But who knows? Maybe tonight he'll end up on the roof.

I first saw Lucas at a house show in 2006. When I mentioned this to him last night, he reminded me that I wrote a review of that show. I had forgotten! And it's funny how my memory of that night changed over four and a half years. I had totally forgotten about how Lucas almost called of the show because of talking. All I remembered was that he killed it and did it completely by himself and without amplification. His music had soul and his delivery was totally punk.

Looking back, that house show was actually a big inspiration for the new solo music project I just started doing. And last night's show added to that inspiration.

Image: Austin Lucas at his 2006 Portland house show, by me.

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