Saturday, July 10, 2010

Praise for "The LeBronze Age"

In ten days between the release of my LeBron James free agency song and "the decision," the video I made got a lot of media attention and thousands of views. Here are some reviews.

Yahoo! Sports' Ball Don't Lie blog: "...definitely the most earnest LeBron James song of all-time."'s Sekou Smith: "...has plenty of good-natured fun at the expense of the King with no rings."'s True Hoop blog: "Those who doubt LeBron James now have their own music video..."

Willamette Week's localcut: "...a fun little ditty..."

Hooped Up Online: "...covers all kinds of LeBronory..."

Sports 1080 the Fan's Travis Demers: "I can certainly appreciate the solid editing job with photos and videos on this one."

A Stern Warning: "...brilliant folk-epic..."

The video was also covered by Cleveland's alt-weekly, The Cleveland Scene, The Oregonian,, AM Basketball, That NBA Lottery Pick, and even this Dutch basketball site, this one from Iceland, and this one from Korea.

The song was also played on local and national sports radio, by John Canzano on 95.5 The Game, and JT The Brick, who hosts a national show on Fox Sports Radio.

So all in all, this fun video was one of the most successful things I've ever promoted. It was a lot of work calling and emailing the right people, but it was worth it to kick start my new solo project.

Oh, by the way, LeBron went to Miami, which is fine with me. What isn't fine with me is that he showed no gratitude to Cleveland for bringing him up, no compassion for breaking their hearts and unfortunately in so doing ruined his legacy forever.

Hel Ain't a Bad Place


Last night I had a good time at what started as one of the most mellow metal shows I've ever been to and ended in a full-on mind blowing at the hands of Brothers of the Sonic Cloth. 'Twas the first night of the Day of Hel Fest at Berbati's, and you can read of my adventures in the Oregonian here. It continues tonight and is recommended!

Image: Atriarch, who also slayed last night.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Taking It Outside with Austin Lucas


Last night, Austin Lucas put on an incredible show at the White Eagle, and I reviewed it for the Oregonian. He'll be doing it again tonight, and I highly suggest going if you can! I can't guarantee he'll lead the crowd outside again to finish the show. But who knows? Maybe tonight he'll end up on the roof.

I first saw Lucas at a house show in 2006. When I mentioned this to him last night, he reminded me that I wrote a review of that show. I had forgotten! And it's funny how my memory of that night changed over four and a half years. I had totally forgotten about how Lucas almost called of the show because of talking. All I remembered was that he killed it and did it completely by himself and without amplification. His music had soul and his delivery was totally punk.

Looking back, that house show was actually a big inspiration for the new solo music project I just started doing. And last night's show added to that inspiration.

Image: Austin Lucas at his 2006 Portland house show, by me.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lilith Fair Portland: Sheryl Crow Kills!

Lilith Finale
Last weekend I reviewed Lilith Fair's Portland stop for the Oregonian. It was a lot of fun! I actually got to meet Sheryl Crow--more on that at a future date. In the mean time, photos!

Erykah Badu

I thought Erykah Badu would probably be awesome, but she wasn't really. Although I gather she put on a great show later that same night at the Someday Lounge. And you gotta hand it to her for wearing two colors of warm ups on stage in front of 6000 people and totally pulling it off.

Erykah Badu

Sheryl Crow

Then, like a beacon from the gods of rock came Sheryl Crow. She killed, absolutely killed. After her first song, she did a little improv singing bit and said, "I'm not fucking around!" She wasn't. A few songs later, I could actually see people freaking out all the way to the back row because the performance was balls out the whole time time. Bear in mind Sheryl Crow is 48 years old. I think she will still kill at age 78. She's going to be the rock 'n' roll Willie Nelson.

Sheryl Crow

Next up was Sugarland, who looked a lot like Arcade Fire. Check out this sweet drum set.



Around this time, some fan in the front row saw me taking photos and was like, "Do you want one with the band?" And I said OK.


Sarah McLachlan wrapped things up. Her music is pretty spiritual. My mind wandered to some deep places while she played. Did you know Sarah McLachlan has, like, an unbelievable voice?

Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan

For the last song, "Because the Night" by Patti Smith, every performer from every stage came out to sing together. How cool is that? I appreciate the love for the artists relegated to the smaller stages.

Lilith Finale

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Upheaval on Titan


Tomorrow, JonnyX and the Groadies is releasing their second album, and I had the treat of reviewing it for the Oregonian. One thing I didn't get to mention in the piece is that the cover is actually a photo of a model the band built. The volcanoes in the background light up and even the stars are light shining through black cardboard. It reflects the overall vintage horror vibe of one of the most interesting bands I know of.