Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All Eyes on Portland's Music Yearbook

PDX Pop 2010

I remember the first PDX Pop Now! Festival in 2004. I was 20. I went all three days and did a lot of drinking on the railroad tracks. Suddenly, I had a glimpse of this indie rock scene everyone was talking about. Each band was a new introduction. Since the festival was free and the weather was good, and it wasn't terribly overcrowded or anything, it was pretty much the ideal setting to learn about new music.

The PDX Pop compilation is sort of still like that for me. There were a couple of years there where I actually kept with the Portland music scene, but those days are gone. So most of the tracks on the album are introductions to names I've been seeing. I really enjoyed listening to it and writing about this for the Oregonian. I think it definitely has the summer vibe the compilation coordinator Jesse Studenberg told me he was going for when I interviewed him for the piece.

Plus, increasingly the compilation is becoming how the rest of the world knows Portland music. I wish I had learned in time for the piece that the reason Junkface's music was recently played on the NBC show Friday Night Lights was likely because a producer heard it on the PDX Pop compilation. The comp itself got a shoutout on the CW's Life Unexpected.

For the second straight year, I'll be out of town the weekend of the festival. 7/30-8/1. But I hope to catch the tail end of the last day. See you there?

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