Friday, April 16, 2010

Heave Yer Skeleton


The world is littered with bands. New bands with an instantly recognizable sound are rare, but Cleveland's mr. Gnome is one of those bands. Last weekend I talked to frontwoman Nicole Barille on the phone as they drove through Texas for this Oregonian story tied to their show at the Knife Shop at Kelly's Olympian tonight.

I reviewed mr. Gnome's 2008 album for Spin, and met them several times, but had never interviewed them before. This was my favorite story that came out of the conversation.
The pair married just after forming the band in 2005 and spent their honeymoon recording their first EP in ... downtown Cleveland. "I think everyone thought we were insane," says Barille, "but it was fun and exciting."

I was also glad I finally got a chance to write about mr. Gnome's solid new album, Heave Yer Skeleton, which I included in my top 10 of 2009. This will be my fourth time seeing mr. Gnome in Portland and the crowd has grown every time, so I'm looking forward to an exciting show!