Friday, March 19, 2010

Between the Sea and Sky


Swallows is addicted to making records. Between the Sea and Sky, the Portland duo's third full length which comes out tomorrow, is the band's 9th release, and they're already working on their 10th. When I stopped by their practice space to interview them for this profile in today's Oregonian, frontwoman Em Brownlowe plugged in an acoustic guitar (for the last 6 years, she's rocked electric). She and drummer Jon Miller showed me a couple of new tunes that sort sounded like Violent Femmes meets Veruca Salt to me. It was really good stuff, and I gather you're likely to hear some of it tomorrow night at the Langano Lounge.

One thing I didn't get to mention in the Oregonian piece, is that Between is both produced by and dedicated to the memory of Kipp Crawford who was tragically killed in a bike accident just weeks after finishing the recording. One of the new Swallows songs I heard is about him, and among band posters in the band's tiny basement practice space is a framed picture of him, which I think might have been this photo.


Pretty much all of Swallows' music is on their website, so download it (I recommend the remix album--another thing I wish I could have fit into the article), and if you come to the Langano at Southeast 15th and Hawthorne tomorrow, March 20, you get a free copy of their latest.

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