Saturday, November 21, 2009

Twi-line hoax

For 15 minutes last Thursday, I stood between team Jacob and team Edward, gathering evidence for team irony.

While at the Brokencyde show I reviewed earlier this week, Ezra, a music critic colleague from the Mercury, mentioned how funny it would be pretend as if you were camping out for the Twilight: New Moon midnight opening on your facebook status. I mentioned this to my friend Nate C, and he was inspired to take the idea one step further and asked me to meet him at the twi-line to stage photos to be disseminated over facebook and twitter periodically throughout the night.

We were outside Lloyd Center for about 10 minutes. The vampire fans had gotten so comfortable waiting that they didn't think it was all that weird total strangers asked to pose with them playing cards for pictures.

As we began to post these pictures, the comments started coming in. Nate's friends are used to his unpredictably nerdy taste and applauded the camp out. I, however, got some comments as hostile as "FUCK NEW MOON." My favorite though is on this early update, one of my friends from my home town just posted, "Dude..."

Picture 1

Our goal here was to fool, in addition to all our acquaintances, people who know us really well, including Nate's girlfriend. So we went all out and even broke and relit our candle to demonstrate the passage of time.


Now, I enjoyed the first Twilight movie and I think I'll see the second one soon, but I didn't really want to wait in line for it on opening night. Nate hasn't seen either movie because he just started reading the first book. We pretended like we were reading it to each other in line.


This is where I started to feel bad. See, I haven't read the books. But some of my friends were really stoked that I had! I felt bad about deceiving them the next day.

But in the mean time, I was actually at home finishing up some work (I keep odd hours), and working was a heck of a lot more fun than usual. In fact, when Nate threw up this update, I actually got really excited, as if I really were in the theater.

Picture 2

And by the end of the night, with this staged, leaving-the-theater shot, we had, in fact, fooled Nate's girlfriend.


So anyway, my apologies if you're my facebook friend and feel your Twilight enthusiasm was mocked! I am actually all about it and when we were leaving the theater after taking the photos, a part of me just wanted to stay and see the movie. But a bigger part of me wanted to be warm and make my deadlines. So why did we do this? Well, it was a lot of fun, first of all. But I just find it curious that people are so honest on facebook and twitter, so I thought I'd try this experiment. I wonder how you could use social media deception for personal or career gain.

Oh, and follow me on twitter and add me on facebook, especially if you're gullible.


  1. Ah, I recognize this theater. Wish you'd done it in Star Trek outfits. And also staged am improv metal show for the kids waiting--they're sitting ducks for any show you want to put on.

  2. Star Trek outfits? That would have given us away as fakes from the get go. A metal show at lines like this is a really, really good idea though!