Tuesday, November 17, 2009


October was a big month for metal here in Portland, and I had such a serious bangover I just got around to writing about it now.

Mastodon and Dethklok kicked things off, and I wrote a preview and review of their show, which I thoroughly enjoyed. My favorite part was the first three songs of Dethklok when I got to photograph the band in front of the barricade. This is always a fairly cool thing to do, but since the live band plays in the shadows of a giant screen showing the animated band that stars in the Adult Swim series, "Metalocalypse," it was interesting to see the musicians up close and observe how playing alongside animated counterparts changes things.

The day after that show, my band, the Metal Shakespeare Company, played in one of our favorite towns, Ashland. Chris Conrad at the Mail Tribune was kind enough to write an article about us. It's the third time he's interviewed me and fourth time he's written about our band. I think he is becoming the official bardcore historian!

And October wrapped up with the Fall into Darkness festival at Berbati's. I wrote a preview of the fest and attended the second and third nights of it. My favorite performance was Ludicra on Halloween. They were they only band that had me up front throwing horns, although Saviors came close and performed in Campbell's Soup cans.

Since I was spending Halloween at Berbati's, I decided to dress as that guy who comes up to you and tries to sell you roses in downtown Portland bars. I walked up to lots of people and said, "A rose for the lady?" Some of my own friends didn't recognize me!


But the by far the most metal costume of the night was my friend Laura who went as Goatwhore. Get it?


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  1. whoa dude. that's the best halloween costume idea thus far this year. it even beats cari's costume of super long press on fingernails.