Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let's get fucking freaky now...

It makes so much sense that a band that's been called "fucking horrendous" and "a mockery to the world of music" by the national media is from Albuquerque, which also happens to be my home town. Albuquerque is a pretty apocalyptic place. I had guns pulled on me there. For entertainment, my friends and I burned wreckage in a wasteland on the edge of town where there was once a housing development. What did Brokencyde do with their free time? They took all the shitty music of the last 10 years, put it in a blender, and poured into this video:

I find this video transfixing. I watched it three times when I first discovered on Adam Gnade's tour blog. The song got suck in my head and I annoyed my girlfriend by singing it. Why do I like it? Because it's apocalyptic. It's a musical burning of cultural wreckage.

So despite a preview in the Portland Mercury that said something like, "You're seriously crazy if you go to this show," I decided to review it for the Oregonian. It was, ultimately, disappointing. Although I was impressed with the enthusiasm of the young crowd and did enjoy hanging out with the 4 other members of the local music media who decided to brave the spectacle.

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