Saturday, October 17, 2009

MFNW '09 Yearbook


Attending tonight's multi-venue, wristband Scion Garage Fest in Portland (Dirtbombs were delightful, one of the best shows I've ever seen at 3pm) reminded me that I wrote a preview and review of Music Fest Northwest for Blurt a few weeks back.

The review is in the form of yearbook style awards like "best dressed" and "best hair." I actually co-wrote it with my girlfriend, Erin Harrell, so we could cover more ground and because she was familiar with a lot of bands I didn't know very well. We had a lot of fun! Here's one of the highlights:

Most Likely To Succeed: Dillinger Four - As vocalist Patrick Costello of this long-running and celebrated Minneapolis punk band took the stage 40 minutes late, he began to tune and told the crowd to "shut up." He said, "This is a big important music festival and we are going to get signed and get huge." As he revealed his chest tattoo that reads, "How much art can you take?" the hefty man explained, "I don't have this body to do some DIY shit forever." By making a mockery of the festival and the music industry, Dillinger Four connected with their crowd better than anyone else. And as their often chorus-less songs wrapped up sooner than you wanted them to, they reminded you that, yes, they are some of the greatest punk composers ever. (Hawthorne Theater, Saturday)

We also managed to take some decent photos this year! Unlike last year where we copped out by focusing on bands' feet.

Image: Erin's best shot of Isaac Brock.

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