Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Apparently, I'm a Killers fan.

It's my new pop vice, I suppose. After seeing quite a few tweets about how great their tour kickoff in LA was, I decided to review the Killers' show at Memorial Colosseum for the Oregonian.

I hadn't been to a show there in years and it's fun sometimes to remind myself how most people experience live music. There was a hipster here and there in the crowd, which was amusing. In full urban cowboy gear, I was overdressed.

But I was never, ever bored. Each member of the Killers puts on a great show. I particularly liked the rhythm section, who, with their scruffy style, wouldn't look out of place in a band playing at East End. The singer has perfect posture and great theatrics and the guitarists' hair is as epic as a Dream Theater song (he looks like he probably listens to Dream Theater).

So it's official. I'm a fan. After the show, I couldn't get the "are we human, or are we dancers" line out of my head for days. I came up with a bunch of parodies for it, my favorite of which is "are we wizards, or necromancers?"

Photos: Erin and I took a bunch of photos at the show and you can see the best ones on my flickr.



  1. I'll second you on their song "Human". The first time I heard it I had it stuck in my head for days too.

  2. That 'are we human' song is crazy popular here in Mehico.