Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sound Judgment Day

Throughout my career as a freelance writer in Portland, the punk scene I initially covered for the Willamette Week has viewed me as an outsider (little do they know I have mad punk cred in New Mexico, but that's another story). And when it comes to the rest of the music scenes in Portland, with the exception of metal, I am an outsider.

But that's OK. That's often the roll of the journalist--outside looking in. But Arya Imig, whose show "Sound Judgment" wrapped up a 3 and a half year run on KPSU last month is the exception.

I wrote a story about Arya and Sound Judgment for today's Oregonian. It's pegged to a party to celebrate the end of the show in the Goldsmith building that starts in about an hour. It will be interesting to see who comes.

At least apparently, Arya is an insider to many different music scenes in Portland. He is not only respected by, but friends with punks, indie rockers, DJs and more. He is a gifted broadcaster and a remarkable, if unlikely, people person.

Check out the archives of Sound Judgment here.

Image: Arya at his second to last show. By me.

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