Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Black Road - Video Treatment

Last summer, my fascinations with the end of the world, zombies and cowboys led a very smart girl to say, "Why don't you write a movie about cowboys who survive the 2012 zombie apocalypse?"

So I rounded up another very smart girl, Audrey Dilling, and together we wrote a screenplay called The Black Road (I spoke of this on Love Phones). We're finishing up revising it right now and in a couple of weeks I'm going to drive down to LA and see if I can if I can't generate some interest in this script.

One day, when we should have been writing, Audrey and I made this "video treatment" (think of it as a trailer for an unmade movie) for our script. It's funny and low budge, which is a little misleading because the script is designed to be a major theatrical blockbuster that's funny, sad, touching, scary, exciting and finally very glorious.

Know anyone who I should try to take a walk with in LA? Please let me know...


  1. Haha oh man I <3 you so much for this vid!! I'll scratch around in my brain for people in LA.

  2. D00d, lulz! I offer thee another $6.66 from teh Heckrod Teh coin vault!

  3. You'll have to compete with zombie romances: