Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nowhere to Lay His Head

At a time when the news is full of lost jobs and lost savings, what have the people who have neither lost?

Anawim is a Portland church that is primarily by the homeless and for the homeless. I found more hope there than I had expected to when I started this story that ran in today's Oregonian. But the short answer to the above question--which didn't make it into the story--is that, according to the people I talked to, small scale philanthropy is down too. Steve Kimes, the head of Anawim, related stories of people holding signs on the street for money during the recent snow storm. Normally adverse conditions make for more giving, but apparently they took in less than on a normal day. Steve Hanserd who I interviewed for this story, said that fewer homes are leaving their cans on the curb. Luckily there was snow for him to shovel at the time of the story.

Anawim online
. Image by Faith Cathcart. Kimes on the right.

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