Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tail Swallower and Dove

Tomorrow's Oregonian will have a story I wrote on These Arms Are Snakes, a story which jumps through several hoops not to use the phrase "post hardcore," a term that I think sells the band short, but is certainly convenient.

I was very qualified to write this story because I've been following the band since their inception. But it also made it tough to write, since I wouldn't let myself get away with anything I didn't think was totally accurate.

As always with A&E, the edit was really gentle and smooth. I had thought about ending it where it does, but sent in another couple of sentences that didn't make print. It takes the edge off that last quote in case you were rolling your eyes or considering suicide: "That almost sounds like something Marilyn Manson would say, but it means more coming from Snere, whose performances and music are in no way a caricature, but rather, an honest, complete expression."

Photo by Christine Unten from TAASpace.

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