Monday, December 1, 2008

In Praise of Lord Stephen the Marquis de Colbert

The Colbert Report website has a call for bands to submit covers of the show's theme song featuring the sweet graphic seen above. So far there are only two (2, count 'em) legitimate entries. Probably because you have to register to see the contest page and you have to submit through an obscure video portal called Viddler. Anyway, it seems the odds of this video or at least a split second of it appearing on Comedy Central are pretty good, but you saw it here first!


  1. This jam could really benefit from a bass track. Good luck getting on Colbert!

  2. if you win a prize, are you going to split the cash with marie?

  3. @Alec: Niq's keys are just so basey they don't register in your n00b ears.

    @devan: No. But we did have fun hanging out with her!