Sunday, September 21, 2008

Party Vocab with Municpal Waste

Picture 1
Dude, kids in China need to know how to shotgun a beer. They need to know that shit and there is no one in this world to give them access to that information other than me via English, baby!

Since Ebaby! is sort of fueled by popular culture, I needed a celebrity guest to impart valuable drinking knowledge to the English learning masses. Enter Tony Foresta of Municipal Waste.

I'm really pleased how this vocab lesson turned out. Matt Miadich, the genius who edits all the Ebaby! videos had one comment about this one: "That's the fastest shotgun I've ever seen." Me too.

Oh, and the masseuse is employed by the Roseland to massage the artists who play there. Crazy, huh? Now you know.

Image: The photo I wanted to use for the lesson but couldn't due to obscene gestures.

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