Thursday, September 4, 2008

MFNW Twitter Feed

My favorite weekend of the year, Music Fest Northwest started last night and runs until Saturday. I'm covering it for Blurt, but to tide you over until that comes out next week, here's a Twitter feed of my whereabouts and such.

* Blurt coverage sent. It's pretty ludicrous. I hope they post it. Bands seen: 16. Mice slain: 4. Highlights: Typhoon, Scared of Chaka.
* Resisting need to return to normal life.
* After party too hot. I sleep.
* I totally remember this one from my Seaweed tape with the green lighter.
* Crystal=sweatbox for Menomena.
* You'd think Looker to the horror prog of Black Elk would be a hard transition, but somehow it worked. Noted how creative their bassist is.
* As for looks, they're relatively plain, but their dark power pop with a trailer park twist fucking rocks. Best discovery of the fest.
* On the way to Black Elk at Berbati's was lured into a near empty Dante's by the sweet 3/4 female rock n roll of the Lookers.
* Monica Nelson closed her set of ballads (featuring unintentionally hilarious 80's keyboard sounds) with a moving George Tabb tribute.
* Happened on Seaweed soundchecking at Dante's. Sounded like a good way to wrap up my fest tonight. Hadn't heard them for 10 years.
* Side tracked. See you tomorrow at 8 at Back Space for Monica Nelson. 171 days ago
* Very few people watched PWRFL POWER thrash, pose and make noise in his pretty songs. Truckasaurus is starting the dance party with effort.
* I long to settle somewhere. Thinking Holocene because I am so over Roseland. No vibes there. Jaguar Love will have to wait.
* So much heavier than their album! I thought they were folk. Beautiful arc to the songs. Tremendous crowd reaction. Best band so far.
* Now to my typhoon debut. Am I a real Portland music fan now?
* All four band members drumming. Boy Eats Drum Machine' J Ragel in band now.
* Answer: 34 minutes! Dat'r rhythm section of Lackthereof is groovin'. Very tight for a band that plays rarely.
* Missed 12th. Conserving energy for uphill sprint to Crystal.
* Fuck missed light at 82nd.
* How fast can I bike 143 blocks and a river if Danny Seim is at the end? I hope it's less than 30 minutes.
* Traps set. One (tragically cute) mouse slain. Starting with Lackthereof at Crystal tonight.
* This is pandemonium. Pint glasses flying. Shins here, drunk. Equipment breaking. Band member stiches coming out.
* Sacred of Chaka flying a zia!
* Del is a relatively funky homosapien. On a scale of Urcle to Bootsy I give him a 7.9.
* Seeking rawk with Pure Country Gold at Ash St. Note for next year, bring disguise. Can't walk 5 feet without having to talk to someone.
* Calvin Johnson managed to pull off jazz hands and white denim. That takes guts. Told me he didn't mind the talking when I bought a CD.
* Calvin Johnson takes the stage alone with no warning to blue light. People are talking. His voice is rootsy. C'mon people stfu 4 a legend.
* There are like 17 17 year olds on stage. They are very musical with their electric piano. Apparently this is their last all ages show.
* Ahh Eskimo and Sons is starting and I'm still on 122nd!
* I just discovered a mouse in my house but we'll deal with that later. Tonight is Scared of Chaka!
* Last night at Mogwai, when the lighting wasn't so ideal, I decided to take a photo of every band's feet.
* Going to see Eskimo and Sons for the first time tonight.

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  1. While certainly anti-talking at shows, I can somehow see myself talking during a Calvin Johnson set. This isn't to say that dude isn't a legend or that I don't enjoy him in a K-punk-childhood-I-never-had sense, but please (somebody) explain why one would be enraptured or anything close by this.

  2. I was actually really into it. I had never heard a Calvin Johnson song before, but I liked the unusual combination of a rootsy, honest voice and a completely fake and arrogant stage persona. He was even trying to be humble but it made him seem showier. I loved it. Drama meets solo guitar guy. I asked him which CD was most like his set and bought that one. Turns out it's his first one, What Was Me.

  3. To clarify, I don't think it's necessarily bad, I just can't help but wonder why this?. The mythos doesn't match up with the product. That said, I do enjoy me some Dub Narcotic Sound System when the mood strikes.