Monday, July 14, 2008

Your Anchor will hold in the storms of life.

Everyone says Danny Seim is as nice as he is tall and he's very tall and they're very right. I interviewed him over the phone about, Your Anchor, the new album by his long-running bandle, Lackthereof, and when I was done he started interviewing me! I'm going to email him next time Tragedy or Agalloch plays because he wants to check out some crucial local metal.

So check out the story. Seim's progression from non-musician to one man band and recording studio has inspired me to start recording at home as well. My first home-recorded song is the hilarious tale of a meter man who accidentally falls in love with a lizard co-written and performed with Mark B. Expect to see it here whenever he outsmarts his 4-track and can make it talk to his computer.

Your Anchor will be released July 19 at the Doug Fir and July 22 in the rest of the world. Photo by Alicia Rose.

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  1. Animals in hats is never OK. Even if it is a pug dog.