Friday, July 18, 2008


It may sound crude, but when someone's missing a limb, you know there's a story. Add to his stump that Lefty is loud, friendly and a guitar player and I had no choice but to do two different pieces on him. A video for English, baby! and a Q&A in The Oregonian.

Note Lefty's classic panhandler lyrics in the opening scene: "Well I'm standing on the sidewalk/ And I'm playing my guitar!/ People walk by/ They put money in my jar..."

Photo: Handed to Lefty by a fan on the street.


  1. Wow... absolutely amazing...This video... every musician or anyone who loves music for what it's truly worth needs to see this video!!!

  2. sometimes I think I'm in the blues brothers movie too...

  3. Holy crap this was intense.. V.well done!