Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tour Recap

And so, all in all, the Metal Shakespeare Company tour was a very successful trip. We didn't lose money and that was our goal. Here are some interesting numbers:

Days: 12
Shows: 11
Miles: 3850
Average price per gallon: $4.26
Press write ups: 8
Radio appearances: 1
Dreams come true: 3
Van break downs: 0
Hand jobs: 0

Here are all the major press write ups we got. My favorite is the one from SLC weekly.

Idaho Statesman
SLC Weekly
Albuquerque Alibi: Calendar listing, not online (like a WW-style listing)
LA Weekly: Calendar listing, not online (like a WOW! in the Mercury)
Eureka Reporter
Times Standard (Eureka)
North Coast Journal (Arcata)
Live interview on KSLG (Humboldt County)
Eugene Weekly

If you wish to relive the adventure, here is the chapter selection:

Boise in which mr. Gnome doth bewitch our brains!
Salt Lake City in which we perfourme for ghosts and spiders!
Albuquerque a tale of debauchery and intrigue!
Tucson a hard-won battle for the hearts of travelers!
Laguna Beach in which Lord Simms is kidnapped by pirates!
Los Angeles in which there is much Dionysian madness!
Long Beach in which we are thwarted from ballroom dancing!
San Francisco in which much merriment is made!
Arcata in which victory is won!
Eugene in which there are explosions!

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  1. Me thinks I want to pinch both of your cheeks in that picture.