Friday, June 20, 2008

Deliver This Creature

The current issue of Spin has a review I wrote of mr. Gnome's new album, Deliver This Creature. It's kind of an amazing phenomenon. mr. Gnome got small write ups on and Pitchfork the same week that this came out. It's like everyone's paying attention to them, but only a little.

Anyway, it's always great when I get to cover a band I completely believe in for a major publication. The first time I saw mr. Gnome I was floored. It's a shame the review doesn't cover their live show, which is amazingly tight and full. They're the best two piece I know of, hands down, and one of my favorite bands altogether.

Extra thanks to Randy Bemrose for introducing me to mr. Gnome in the first place and for offering the Scout Niblet/SOD comparison off the cuff in his basement.

Image by Eric Clawson.

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