Saturday, June 21, 2008

Best of '08: Blue Giant at the Wonder Ballroom June 20, 2008

After Blue Giant played, I heard another music critic refer to them as Americana. Forget it. This is not Munly & the Lee Lewis Harlots*. This is not a throwback. This is it. This is American music.

Just to get you up to speed here, since tonight was the band's first show, Blue Giant sounds like the June Carter of a parallel earth who can totally shred, married Michael Martin Murphy and with him is fronting the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Playing June and Michael in this movie are Anita and Kevin Robinson of Viva Voce.

Blue Giant puts Kevin up front and center where you can watch him breathe and really lets Anita's full range of guitar virtuosity come out. There's piano, banjo and fiddle but not all at once. The lyrics are a little corny, but Kevin sells them. It rocks sometimes. It's not old fashioned; it's honest.

Bass player Seth Lorinczi swore up and down that the band didn't plan to wear blue and that I was the first person to mention it. I guess I believe it. I mean, they're that kind of band, just perfectly in synch and confident. Since it was their first show, the confidence and charm seemed almost supernatural.

On stage, Kevin said that he learned before the show that Jaws was released today in 1975. Speilberg thought it was gong to flop, but when someone vomited 10 minutes in, he knew he made it. "No one's vomited yet, so I guess we're alright," Kevin said.

But man, if eyes could puke. You should have seen the looks on people's faces.

Oh, and Corin Tucker played a couple of songs with them too. That was sort of like the part of the morning's dream narration where you start losing your friends. "And then Corin Tucker showed up," you say. "Yeah yeah whatever man," your buddy says. You reply: "But listen dude!"

No, really, listen.

*I do like Munly by the way. I just wouldn't call it life changing. I seriously think Blue Giant is going big time. Get ready America.

This is part of my best of '08 series in which I name the year's best as it happens 'cause year end lists are so last year.

Image by elspop of Anita singing with the Shins.


  1. i was there. that was a massive blast of good stuff. eagerly anticipating the new band & it was better than i'd imagined. And hawkwind?! Get outta here!

  2. I concur on Blue Giant and am into this best of the year before the year is over stuff.

    One request: Invite me to the best shows so I know about them before they happen.

    Hope your knee is better. I stuck the blue giants program in my spokes to make fun of spoke cards, and then next morning a guy parking his bike next to mine went, "I was at that show too, it rocked!"