Monday, June 2, 2008

801: Pool in the Back


About 68% of Utah is Mormon, so if you see a white person, it's pretty safe to assume that he or she is a Mormon. This is a strange sensation. Mormons are cool. I like the strange alphabet and outer space afterlife thing, it's just odd to be able to assume that the people around you are religious. It makes swearing seem really inappropriate, even at a private table at the Red Iguana.

Over mole and jalapeno margaritas, Randy Harward, my old editor at HARP, explained that SLC is home to a village for little people and garden of statues that includes Joseph Smith's face on a sphynx. We took turns reading the great write up for the show Randy put together, which we agreed is probably the best write up we've ever had.

But, as I know well, write ups don't necessarily bring people. When we arrived at Burt's Tiki Lounge, there were about 10 people and only a few more trickled in through the night. It was a rough show. We only played for 25 minutes. Playing to no people sucks, but it really sucks when you're in a costume band. Oh, and we forgot the merch shield we made in Boise.

Near the end, I realized there were a few people in an upper level not paying attention to us so I walked up there while playing guitar (I have wireless) and played on the pool table in the middle of their game. One of them bought a CD.

Burt's apologized profusely and said they don't know why no one showed up, they promoted like crazy. They gave us $60 even though they lost their shirts. Gas to Albuquerque would be nearly $150 though.

Although my friend Aria's fiance Clay (8-8-8, congratulations!) graciously offered us a place to stay (and were awesome audience members), we decided to push on through the night and left town listening to Michael Martin Murphy, whose song "Cowboy Logic" has to be about our drummer, Randy.

Images: Just because your name is on the marquee doesn't guarantee a crowd. And the SLC skyline. Everyone we met there was nice, but...just sayin'.


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