Monday, June 16, 2008

707: Fuck Yeah


"Nearly a fortnight we have travelled, and when times were tough, we said, 'There is Arcata down the road!'" I told the crowd at the Alibi.

We played there in January and went over quite well. Better than I realized, in fact, until I saw several people already wearing our shirt and singing along to all the choruses. Arcata is definitely the most rocking city of 15,000 people on Earth.

Last time we visited, they gave us bottomless beer and we each drank two pitchers. Then, because it was my 24th birthday, people kept buying me shots. I broke a table, a microphone, a lot of glass and a few hearts.

This time I stayed relatively sober. We got great write ups in the Eureka Reporter and The Times Standard, and I knew there would be a good crowd so I didn't want to be too slobbering.

Before the Alibi, we did a radio interview in costume on KLSG, the local commercial rock station, which strangely sits in the middle of pastures. The DJ, Ashley Ramone, reminded me of a metal Amy McCullough and was really cool. She plays a game called 4 degrees of Tool where she can connect any band to Tool in 4 steps. She didn't do one specifically for us, but ours would be the same as thirtythreeandathird because we've both opened for Blood Hag and that's where theirs starts.

We played with those dudes last time, thirtythreeandathird, and they requested to do their set of instrumetal before us this time. Sober, I noticed they are all really, really talented musicians. I can't wait to see their swampy stoner rock at the Red Room on July 18.

Then we played what everyone agrees was the best show of the trip. The crowd was rowdy, but not in a silly way like at Spaceland. They just fucking loved it. Every minute of that show was a pleasure to play.

Afterward, we went and partied at thirtythreeandathird drummer Grant's house where his significant other, Tessa, made us margaritas. For the first time Matt admitted he would like to turn our band into a Vegas show, something he's expressed reservations about before. If every show were like Arcata that night, we'd be the Blue Man Group of metal in no time.

Photos: KLSG. Not pictured: the visually reclusive Ashley Ramone.


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