Friday, June 13, 2008

562: The Joke's on You

Picture 155

Every tour needs a show that reminds you that even without an audience, you can travel hundreds of miles and amuse yourselves.

When we arrived at DiPiazza's, it was obvious that we were at the Rock N Roll Pizza of Long Beach and that we were totally screwed. A few people were there to see the two poppy opening bands but we were to play last. Although John from CleanBox put up fliers at the University and passed out handbills at the club, no one came to see us.

So we got high. Then I tried to ballroom dance with some people next door and got kicked out (pictured). Then I started to worry about the few people who were there leaving, so I went in for a duel.

I interrupted the singer of Countless Thousands introducing his last song to challenge him to a duel. I said that the laziness of the crowd did offend me (they were seated) and if I were to the duel, they must stay and stand. If he would be the victor, then they may nap here or elsewhere.

Somehow while I was standing there it came up that it was his birthday, so I decided to lose. I thought his friends would like that more anyway and I figured I could do a better death scene too.

But of course, most of them left. With two tables in the back and one of Mark and Randy's friends, most of whom had seen us before on this trip, we decided to entertain ourselves. As John put it: "When the going got tough, you went pole dancing." I discovered something resembling a stripper pole and discovered I had some decent moves.

With two songs left, we gave the audience a choice, half speed or double speed. They chose double speed, so we played a blast beat version of "The Trooper." Then someone yelled, "Now do half speed." So we did "Holy Diver" at half speed. It's probably one of the funniest and most obnoxious things we've ever done.

Randy went to LA and had some sort of dress up time/orgy which left him with a polka dot coat. The rest of us got high and watched a TV show about stamps in Anaheim.

Photo by John Bovenizer. Note how displeased the man we suspect is the lady's husband is.

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  1. I heard about the shield incident in Boise and almost peed my pants.