Saturday, June 7, 2008

520: Meet Me in My Room

Our van is now littered with chile seeds because Matt and I bought chili restras in Hatch, New Mexico, imagining they would survive the trip to hang on our porches.

On the way to Tucson, we also discovered a place called Shakespeare Ghostown. We travelled a few miles off the path on a dirt road to find it. It was closed and there were 9 No Tresspassing signs. A caretaker appeared to live there. It freaked Matt out, but I got Mark to agree to film me as I went inside in character.

We filmed a few scenes and met a dog who appeared to be a zombie and disturbed the caretaker, who I believe thought we were really English. "Out here in the West," he said, "you have to be careful of rattle snakes. I killed 24 of them over there the other day."

We arrived at the Hotel Congress where we were to stay and play. It's a bitchin' hotel that feels like Europe and has no TVs in the rooms.

Our set was a free show following a going away party for a local DJ featuring a popular local latin rock band. The room has a nice and well-lit stage, almost like the set of a television program.

We set up as quickly as possible so that we'd lose as few people as possible, but almost everyone left. My friend Ian and a friend of his, Mark's cousin and a woman who's a friend of a friend and came to talk to me about journalism stayed in the room. So we went out to yell at the masses throughout the hotel.

It worked. With each song our crowd grew. As expected in Tucson, I sweated a ludicrous amount. I also realized I had a rare opportunity to give a cute girl the key to my hotel room. So I threw the key at a group of babes against the wall. When I went to change out of costume, they weren't there.

It was a hard-won battle and the hotel was impressed. They paid us well and a lot of people bought things.

Ian took me to a roof at the U of A where he's a grad student and we drank vodka. Then one of the girls from the key throwing called me from Mark's phone. I laughed it off and stayed on the roof. Mark said she wasn't that cute anyway.

Above: Mark filming me at the ghost town. Below: Hotel Congress.

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