Friday, June 6, 2008

505: Where 4 am is Party Pooping

I forgotten that Randy's dad was a long haul trucker. He drove from 4:30 - 11:30 am.

Aside from the fact that I only had to drive for 2 and a half hours, driving all night was the best idea ever. We got into Albuquerque just after noon, which gave us time to take naps, check email and eat at Padilla's my favorite restaurant in the world. The green chile blew Matt's mind.

Our show that night at Stove was Mark and my first show in our hometown in five years. Both our bands played: the 54 Pages of What opened for the Metal Shakespeare Company. It was a bit rough. Even though we had just recorded, the songs are so hard that Mark and I were a little loose. My guitar amp freaked out near the end so we did the last song a cappella. It went over well, but we were frustrated.

We changed into costume and about 30 people came inside when we went outside to yell about "a production of the playes of William Shakespeare, the likes of which you have ne'er seen!" It took about three songs for Mark and I to recover, but when we did, we played well. I slow danced with someone during our power ballad, drawing laughter.

Then we went to a small party at a friend of Mark's. There was beer pong and I remarked that beer pong was the official mode of drinking in New Mexico, I was corrected by a young man in a cowboy shirt who loves Dio (my long lost brother?) that the official drinking game of New Mexico is drinking. People gave me shit for wanting to leave at 4 am.

The next day I went to get my amp fixed while Randy and Matt explored. One of Matt's friends made him a hilarious hand-drawn map of Albuquerque including places to drink 40s in alleys so he did some things on the map. I went to Hurricane's for dinner where all my friends used to work. I don't know anyone there now.

As we set up at the Atomic Cantina, a crowd began to amass. Usually we begin the set with the drunken Porter scene from Macbeth, giving people time to filter in. That night we took the stage to applause after our costume change and jumped right in with our scene from Coriolanus.

We played one of the best and most fun sets we've ever done together. We were dead on musically and very relaxed. I didn't pick anyone's nose because the crowd was already into it. I had to ask the audience to pack in tighter to make room for more people twice.

Then we climbed the Albuquerque Convention Center roof with some friends and drank a bottle of port that Matt had brought for a special occasion. By the time we got back to the club, they were closed and pissed at us for being late. The bartender said, "You made $75, but you made we wait," he dropped one 20, "you left your gear," he dropped another, "and that guy freaks me out for wearing all white," referring to Randy, "so you get $15." He had me going, but paid us all of it. If it seems like small pay for such a packed show, keep in mind the show was free.

There was another small after party, this one with fireworks. Once again people gave me shit for leaving at 4 am. When Matt, Randy and I got in the van, Matt said, "We forgot our bottle of Jager in the freezer. Should we get that?" Randy answered, "We could drink it and walk home." So they did. They didn't sleep at all.

Above: Randy selling merch in all white. Below: NM is my homeland. They made a sign for me.

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  1. The show at Atomic was, indeed, the shit.