Saturday, June 14, 2008

415: A Show I'd Like to See


My expectations aren't unreasonable. I don't ask much of a show. And the Metal Shakespeare Company's show in San Francisco wasn't much, but it was everything I could ask for.

First, everyone at Kimo's was incredibly nice. They were really happy to have us there and the British door guy even said our accents were good, which has never happened before.

Then all the bands were AMAZING. Thunderhorse, an instrumental power metal band from San Jose who I got added to the bill last minute, pretty much melted my face. That face melting thing is such a cliche, but I never actually got it until those guys played. I was watched them shred and went, "Oh, this is what people are talking about when they say their face is being melted." I think it had something to do with excessive smiling.

Then we played and the dozen or 14 people got up front and rocked the fuck out. There was a really cute hippie girl dancing really hard the whole time and I thought, "As long as she keeps dancing, everything is right in the world." That's a thought I borrowed from one of my favorite Portland bands, Pure Country Gold.

The Metal Shakespeare Company

Then a band called Lady Superior went on. They had been sitting around drinking water in pointy shoes while we were playing so I got all up in their face with my wireless guitar, which they didn't seem to like. But when they started playing, my mind was blown.

With an injection of originality, Lady Superior could be the best band in the world. The frontman is both Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. His voice sounds like a perfect recording and his guitar playing is flawless and virtuosic. If he had something to say, the world would listen.

Wyld Youth closed out the night with a set of female-fronted butt rock that recalled the Valkyries for me. They're great performers with great style and I can't wait to book them in Portland.

Without a doubt this was the best lineup of the trip. I saw three fantastic bands I'd never seen before. Who cares if no one was there or if I had to have emergency dental work and fainted before we left Anaheim the day before.

Video of "Coriolanus" guitar harmony and photo of Matt by Shanna.

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  1. Fainted?!! Dude, what happened?

    Glad to hear SF was awesome though, good 'ol SF. I'm going to miss it.