Thursday, June 12, 2008

323: Bike Fun, LA Style


Frank is a four and a half foot bike made of two frames welded together. It has no brakes so you drag your foot on the back tire to slow down. The handle bars were neon green but now are dirty and worn. It makes a "love fart" or clicking noise about once a second while you're riding it.

I rode Frank from a house in China Town to the show at Spaceland and Randy rode another tall bike made of three little girls' bikes. We were in costume and the 30 or so members of the Midnight Ridazz were as in or not in costume as they are on any given day.

One flat tire and lots of circling the crowd at lights (easier than stopping) later we arrived. There was a lot of pressure on me for this show since I convinced Spaceland to have it very last minute and picked all the bands myself.

When we arrived there were only a few people there who weren't on the ride. Funderstorm started right away. They are the unofficial band of the LA bike scene and they are the best sucky band I've ever seen. It's one guy, B-Rad, who dresses in some sort of space age drag and sings and raps while another guy, Marcus, plays beats and minimal music on a $15 Casio. The crowd throws confetti that says "FUN".


So the music is OK. Pretty funny and catchy at times. But the crowd response is tremendous. All the Mightnight Ridazz were jumping and dancing hysterically. When Funderstorm handed over the stage to us, the crowd kept going. When I laid down on stage for a second, they formed a dog pile on me. We've played for more people before, but never people who were rowdier.


Then a band called Pleasure played and almost no one watched them. I felt bad because I know they worked hard to promote the show.

Michele Appel (it rhymes), who helped me set up the show took me to her house in China Town which has a view of downtown and seems like where I would live if I lived in LA. The next day I rode Frank with her to her coffee shop. It was a lot scarier to ride Frank in the daytime with all the traffic but a group of uniformed school girls laughed at us, which made me feel good.

Photos: By Annie Dimas.


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  1. Woot! You are now the other unofficial band of the LA bike scene; they loved you!!!