Friday, May 30, 2008

208: Small Town Copped



"What did she say?"

"I don't know."


The stop light had trash bags over it. Was Matt supposed to stop? He figured better safe than sorry with a cop behind him. That's what got him pulled over.

When the overly serious cop brought back our IDs, she copped an attitude and quizzed us about what were hiding.

"When I asked you to get out of the car, it took you a little while. You were being...furtive. The only thing I can think of is you were hiding something. What were you hiding?"


"You don't have any drugs or paraphernalia?"

"No." A lie. But we weren't hiding them. We just couldn't hear what she said.

Eventually she let us go. We rolled into the most hospitable place to stay in the West: Chris Brady's house, mother of my friend Fiona.

There was a poodle and food upon arrival. The day was spent building a shield to sell merch while I telecommuted.

47 people came to the show, but it didn't feel like that many since the Neurolux is so big. mr. Gnome played before us and blew Matt and Mark's minds. It was just coincidence we were booked with them though they've played Randy's house and I recently wrote them up in Spin. They are from Cleveland and head to Portland tonight, while we go to SLC.

We played "Holy Diver" second to last and a dozen or two people came up front for that and our last song. A girl I met at a record store and invited actually came (which never happens)...with her boyfriend (which always happens).

The Neurolux gave us our $150 guarantee even though they didn't make that at the door. Ryan, the manager explained the owner, Allen, pays well to make sure the good bands keep coming back.

I was painfully sober so made everyone leave before last call. I forgot how drunk people ramble if you're not drunk. Now we are on our way to meet Randy Harward who was my editor at HARP at a Mexican place he loves in Salt Lake City. I've never met him or been there before.

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