Friday, March 7, 2008

Minors Welcome


Today is the last day to submit a letter to the OLCC urging them to approve changes that would allow minors into some music venues that serve alcohol. For more info go here, or just write to this address:

Here's the letter I sent.

Hi Jennifer,

I just wanted to write to urge you to support the opening of music venues to minors. I'm now 24, but as a teenager I broke the law on a regular basis in order to see music. I had a fake ID and did a lot of lying and sneaking in back doors.

Now I'm a music journalist who has written for national magazines such as Spin and Harp as well as local publications including the Oregonian and Portland Monthly. I am also a musician and have toured the country performing.

I truly believe that my creative growth would have been stunted if the law had succeeded in locking me out of the majority of live music in this state. Since many teens are not as adept at sneaking and lying, I think it would greatly benefit our community to allow them into music venues that serve alcohol.


Jason Simms

Even though I've written very little for them, being able to drop that Spin bomb sure helps when I need people to take me seriously. Thanks, Charles Aaron! (Now please read that pitch letter I just sent you...)

Photo: From Local Cut.

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