Friday, January 18, 2008

Ebaby! Videos

The trailer for the movie I made in Turkey went up on YouTube today. Check it out:

I also forgot to post when the rest of the Culture Cruise videos came out over the last month. As I mentioned before, I was behind the camera in these videos. This was a really fun way for some local ESL students to learn English and make American friends. First they had to learn how to dance:

Then they did some celebrity impersonations:

They went on a little scavenger hunt:

And, finally, they had to get some phone numbers!

I should have the full Turkey video, "Ebaby!'s Turkrainian Wedding" next week!


  1. those are great, can't wait to see the full turkranian wedding video.

  2. "Stupidest girl in the USA"....ha ha ha ha. That made my day.