Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Still Cruisin'

Gosh I’m such a slacker. It’s been almost a month with no love for Simmantics. What the hell was I doing?

Actually, I’ve been ridiculously busy and that’s why you haven’t heard from me, loyal horde. But such is the way with the freelance writing gig. I am busy now, but none of my work reaches the public till later. Here are things I have in store for you in the next month (in no particular order):

Gays! Hip, young gays who opened the best club ever for only 5 weeks in Seattle!
• A neighborhood united across economic lines and struggling with prostitution!
George Tabb and the greatest domestic atrocity of our generation!
• My current and childhood hero, Greg Graffin!
Mustaches! Children! A recipe for success!
• The worst possible place to spend Christmas!
• The rest of this here Culture Cruise. I am behind one of the cameras and partially behind the concept!



  1. Sweet - I was just about to hassle you for slacking. Now get back to work!