Saturday, December 22, 2007

Man, I Needed That: SexVid

Out of the light socket hung one clear, crooked tooth. The rest of the bulb had disappeared. It took me a moment to realize why the lights wouldn’t turn on after the Sex Vid show.

I had wanted to take a picture with my phone of a series of big, fat hearts in the colors of the rainbow that hung on the basement wall. I had some crazy metaphor in mind about how SexVid was sort of like those hearts. Unlike most hardcore bands, which paint in grays and sculpt in rubble, Sex Vid was somehow colorful, their music a little warm and silly while still thick, sweaty, and epic.

But I realized that the light bulb said it all. Just a little bit of destruction up there on the ceiling. I took a high heel to the foot during the set and it left a bruise but it sort of like a basement show should. Just a little bit of pain down there on the floor.

SexVid doesn’t exist on the Internet, so spare your browser history the shame and don’t even try it.


  1. Oh, sir, I beg to differ. SexVid DOES exist in the internet.