Sunday, December 9, 2007

Just Throwing This Out There: Bitch Black


So you might have noticed that this feature in which I toss out an idea for a band name didn’t really end up being so weekly. That’s because I spoke too soon. As soon as I said I could come up with a band idea every week all my old ideas fled and new ones stopped coming. That’s how these things go.

So this column will appear WHENEVER THE FUCK I WANT IT TO from now on. My editors aren’t happy about it, but that’s the way it’s gonna be. Oh wait I don’t have any editors here. Freedom! Self reliance!

My latest idea comes from the bitchin’ new Swallows EP, which I really like. It mostly sounds like my favorite song from their last record. On one of the songs Em sings, “…pitch black…” but it kinda sounds like she says, “bitch black.” So thought, hey, why not form an all black feminist black metal band called Bitch Black. You could be the band to bring DarkBlack and the New Bloods together on the same bill for the first time!

In other news, black metal is officially the most egalitarian form of music. Corpse paint knows no gender or color and a black metal vocalist’s race and gender can’t be identified from the sound of his or her growl.

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