Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Return to Jumptown

Okay. Hallowwen is over. You had your fun with Big Black Cloud or Fist of Dishonor and that girl dressed as a hesher zombie, but now it’s time to get serious.

Dusty York, a local 29-year-old saxophonist, wants you to take his music and the music on his label, Diatic, seriously. And so do I. Check out this piece from last month’s Portland Monthly that takes a quick look at Portland's jazz scene and is tied to an art gallery show this Saturday.

This was a tough piece to write because it wasn't for a music magazine or music section. Occasionally one of my friends will tell me they don't know the difference between pitch and volume or something and it reminds me that musical knowledge I take for granted may not be there when dealing with a general readership. For a more critical look at York's latest album, check out this piece I wrote for WW last spring.


The show is at Design Counsel which is 1020 NW 18th and it’s $10. I also wrote this piece about Dusty York for WW last spring.

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